Paedo teacher won’t be jailed for abusing six pupils because he’s too fat

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A disgraced pervert teacher who is morbidly obese won’t spend any time in jail as it would cost thousands of dollars to transport him to the facility.

Paedo Peter John O’Neill, 61, is awaiting sentencing at his home in Canberra, Australia.

He is currently in a wheelchair, needs a full-time carer and had been deemed unfit to travel by the court.

Chief Justice Alan Blow said in a previous hearing he was limited to handing down a suspended jail sentence as there was no point in putting O’Neil under home detention as he can’t leave anyway.

O’Neil pleaded guilty to six counts of indecent assault and one count of penetrative sexual abuse of a young person and faces sentencing on August 25.

Former pupils of the monster ex-teacher revealed their fury in a Facebook group called Old Dominic Scholars.

One posted: “I couldn’t care less how sick this filth is – his final days should be in jail.”

Another added: “Nothing will give back what he took, but he must pay in some way.”

Defence barrister Greg Barns SC said a medical charter aircraft to transport his client could cost anywhere between $25,000 (£13,700) to $40,000 (£22,000).

The 61-year-old is unable to serve time interstate for crimes committed in Tasmania, has no money to pay fines and is unable to perform community service due to medical conditions.

One pupil who left Dominic College in Tasmania in 1989 said: “If he doesn’t go to jail and just dies quietly, he doesn’t deserve that.

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“I don’t get why these bastards get bloody protected all the time.”

One person said he had been abused before he attended the school and said he was physically and emotionally traumatised by O’Neill.

He said: “To end up with him as a teacher, for him to do it all over again when I thought I was safe, it was traumatic. I don’t think an apology really cuts it.”

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