Paedophiles set to be named in public register that parents can easily check

Child sex offenders could soon have nowhere to hide – if one political party gets it way.

Politicians have promised to make the sex offenders register public allowing worried parents to check which paedophiles have been named and shamed.

The South Australian branch of the Labor Party has made the promise to change these details of the offender registry if they win the next election on March 19.

Currently in opposition, party leader Peter Malinauskas has pledged to bring in a raft of new law reforms, all aimed at protecting children.

If he wins, then child sex offenders would be named on a public list, while another pledge stated that murderers who hide bodies and refuse to give details on where they were kept could face an extra 15 years in prison.

The police would also be able to give parents access to the database if it was to be used to find out more about who their child is in contact with.

According to the new policy, it states: “South Australia will establish a three-level public sex offender register based on the Western Australian model to provide greater confidence and safety.

“The new system will have three parts: A new missing offenders website will provide photographs and personal details of reportable offenders who have either failed to comply with their reporting obligations, provided false or misleading information to police and whose location or whereabouts is not known to police.

“A local search program will allow police, subject to an approved application, to provide photographs of dangerous and high-risk offenders in your suburb or surrounding area.

“A parental disclosure scheme will allow police to provide a parent or guardian of a child with information about a specific person who has regular contact with their child.

It added: “Under the toughest laws in Australia, serious child sex offenders will be locked up and we will throw away the key until they can prove that they are no longer a threat to the community.”

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