Pair swim metres from massive 7ft shark in terrifying near-miss drone footage

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A group swimming off the coast of Florida came terrifyingly close to being shark food after a 7-foot shark was spotted circling the oblivious bathers.

Robert Russ and his brother tracked the shark via their drone as it swam off Daytona Beach last week (August 4).

Amusingly the swimmers didn’t notice the shark but did notice the drone as it flew nearby them, even waving at it.

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Speaking to Fox 35, Mr Russ said that the incident had been scary to film considering the area's reputation.

He said: “It swam towards multiple people before realizing they were not food and moving on.

“It was unnerving at moments to watch this since there are quite a few people bitten here, but confirms they are generally unintentional bites.”

It’s thought that the massive shark that approached the pair was a blacktip shark, a species that has been known to attack humans.

There have been a string of shark attacks across America this summer, with Florida proving a hotspot.

The frequency of terrifying reports from the water have earned the corner of America, the unenviable title of "shark bite capital of the world."

Gregory Skomal, a senior fisheries scientist for the state of Massachusetts said great white shark numbers have risen thanks to recently implemented water protection laws.

"If you have more sharks feeding close to land and you have more people swimming, the chances for those kinds of negative interactions increases," said Skomal.

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