Panic in Paris! Energy crisis in France prompts calls for EU response – Its time

China blamed for UK's energy crisis by Iain Wright

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Mr Le Maire said on Monday the high energy prices were an issue faced not only by France, but all across Europe. He urged the EU to solve the issue, asking for a coordinated response.

Speaking to reporters at a Eurogroup meeting in Luxembourg, Mr Le Maire said: “This is a matter of concern for everybody.

“It is time to have a European response.

“It is time to have a look at the energy market.”

He added: “We make two proposals: 1) better regulation of gas market & stocks.

“2) Direct link between average cost of electricity production in every member state and the price paid by citizens.”

These renewed calls come after Mr Le Maire raged at the chaos of the energy crisis in France just over a week ago.

Speaking on Parliamentary TV, Mr Le Maire said: “The French are paying the bill in a way that they cannot understand and that is totally inefficient from an economic point of view.

“In France, we get our electricity from nuclear power plants and hydraulic power.

“We therefore have carbon-free energy and a very low cost, but the market […] means that electricity prices in France are aligned with gas prices.

Mr Le Maire added: “We have to completely review [its] operation.”

He also addressed the rise in energy prices last Tuesday on C News TV.

Speaking about the situation, Mr Le Maire said the rise in energy prices could last for “a few more months”.

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This comes as France’s energy regulator said Engie’s gas prices were expected to rise by 12.6 percent from October 1.

The French Government has committed to supporting the energy crisis with a payment to households over France.

As part of the one-off payment, 5.8 million households across the country will receive 100 euros to help towards the rise in energy bills.

Gabriel Attal, a spokesman for the French government, said that there are considerations being made of new measures to tackle the crisis.

Mr Attal told Europe 1 radio: “We are working on additional measures.”

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