‘Paranoid’ man ‘foaming at mouth’ killed wife over imagined affair, court hears

A businessman who flew into a fit of rage "foaming at the mouth" has been accused of killing his wife over an extra-marital affair which was "all in his head", a court heard.

Ian Hamer, 54, is accused of murdering his wife after her body was found partially naked at their home.

Wife, Joanne Hamer, had told cops Ian believed she had been having an affair but it was "all in his head."

The senior public health official's body was found lying on a bed at their home in Worlaby, in May last year, Grimsby Live reports.

Hamer, has admitted manslaughter – saying his mental state at the time was such that he did not understand what he was doing – but denies murder.

Hull Crown Court heard details on Thursday of several phone calls made to the police and mental health services by both of the Hamers in the months leading up to her death.

She did not make a formal complaint and said he would not get help or support, the court was told.

On June 29, 2018 she made a call to North Lincolnshire Mental Health Service saying Hamer had become "increasingly paranoid" and was making accusations about her whereabouts.

Half an hour later, he called the same service to say he was "compos mentis", adding Mrs Hamer was being dishonest and he had "found her out".

The jury was told police logs also included a call by Hamer the same month stating Mrs Hamer was "being aggressive towards him and is going to beat him".

He was slurring his words and said she had drunk half a bottle of wine while he had had nothing.

He then made another call saying she had a knife.

The logs read to the court said: "Officers attend and speak to both parties. Ian appeared to be intoxicated and was unreasonable.

"Officers state he was the aggressor. Joanne said he came home heavily in drink and started an argument. Joanne left the address to stay with son.

"She called back later to say she went back to collect property and Ian was in a rage and foaming at the mouth.

"The following month she called back to say they were going to live apart for a while and Ian had agreed to seek help for his issues."

In April 2019 Hamer again called police and said his daughter had removed bedding, pillows, clothing and jewellery from the family home.

The record said: "He says this is disappointing. He has done nothing wrong. Ian says it is a shared property and he did not give permission for it to be removed.

"He wants it noted that he is trying to keep control of the situation, it is because of his wife's extra-marital activity."

In the same call Hamer accused his wife of sending messages to other men, saying he had come across dating apps when "checking the security" for her.

During this call Hamer was said to be "slurred and rambling", the jury was told.

The court heard Mrs Hamer's calls were flagged by domestic violence co-ordinators as "medium risk".

The trial continues.

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