Parents sue their son for £530k because he has failed to produce a grandchild

An Indian couple are taking their son and daughter-in-law to court in what is believed to be a legal first due to the reason being behind the fact they don’t have grandchildren.

Sanjeev and Sadhana Prasad, from the northern Indian state of Uttarakhand, say the fact that their son hasn’t given them a grandchild had caused them “mental agony and harassment”.

The Prasads say that they had spent a great deal of money on their son’s upbringing and education and wanted to be compensated for the money they had spent.

In legal papers, the Prasads demand that their son Shrey Sagar and his wife Shubhangi either present them with a grandchild within a year or pay them £520,000.

Mr Prasad explained that he had paid for Shrey and Shubhangi’s wedding at a five-star hotel, gave them a luxury car worth £63,000, and supported Shrey financially for two years until he managed find a job as a pilot.

He says he had also paid for his son and daughter-in-law to go to Thailand on an an expensive honeymoon.

“I gave my son all my money, got him trained in America. I don’t have any money now. We have taken a loan from the bank to build a home. We’re troubled financially and personally,” Mr Prasad told reporters.

“We finally got him married in 2016 with the hope that we would get us a grandchild to play with in our retirement age.”

But after six years of marriage, there has been no patter of tiny feet and the Prasads are suing.

“We killed our dreams to raise him,” Mr Prasad told The National World.

“It is a dream of every parent to become a grandparent. We had been waiting for years to become grandparents”.

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Mr Prasad says he wants his son to return the 25million rupees (£265,000) he spent on bringing him up, plus the same sum again for damages.

Shrey’s work means that he doesn’t live with Shubhangi full-time, and the couple currently has no plans to start a family.

Mr Prasad says: “My son has been married for six years but they are still not planning a baby. At least if we have a grandchild to spend time with, our pain will become bearable”.

While many traditionally-minded families have put pressure on their offspring to give them grandchildren, taking legal action is unprecedented.

Prosecuting lawyer Arvind Kumar Srivastava said the petition will be taken up for hearing by the court in northern India on May 17.

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