Peeping Tom shot dead after woman with rifle saw him looking though window

A man has been shot dead i after allegedly being spotted peering into woman’s bedroom window.

At around 11 pm on the evening of September 10, officers from the Houston Police Department in Texas were dispatched to Houston’s Irvington Boulevard in response to a report that a man had been shot.

When they arrived, they found a man with gunshot wounds dead in the street outside the home.

A woman inside the property told police that she had seen a man peeping into a bedroom window. Out of concern for her own safety, she said, she had opened fire with a rifle.

The man had sustained severe gunshot wounds to his torso, with the bullets having apparently passed through a section of the wall. He appears to have staggered a short distance away from the building before succumbing to his wounds.

Lieutenant R Willkens from the Houston Police Department told reporters at the scene that “the call came just a little after 11 o’clock … officers got here on the scene, they were advised of a shooting that just occurred.

"We have one adult male, who’s on the side of the house … that has been shot, looks like in the torso area, with a rifle.

“What we’re being told right now is that this individual was looking into windows into this home, there was an adult female that was in one of the bedrooms, observed him looking into her window. "

“She was in fear," he added, "she had a rifle, she shot numerous times through the wall, ended up striking the male, the male ended up walking for a little way and passed out,” he added. “He’s dead on the scene.”

Investigators said that as far as they can tell there was no prior relationship between the woman and the dead man. Police told local news station KHOU that the homeowner is cooperating with the authorities.

No decision on whether to file charges have been made so far, police said.

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