Pensioner self isolating forced to write letter begging for £10 to pay for food

An elderly woman living alone who 'went without food' during lockdown was forced to write to a friend begging her for 20$ (£10) to buy food.

A member of a Facebook community group covering the Cremorne and Neutral Bay in Sydney said she knew of a woman who had barely eaten since lockdown started nine weeks ago on June 26.

Once the woman received the money, she was able to venture to the supermarket where she was helped by a local community volunteer when they noticed she was in distress.

The charity worker who shared the story online urged local residents in Sydney to watch out for their vulnerable neighbours and elderly relatives who could be struggling to acquire basic necessities as lockdown continues.

"I am putting out a story I have just heard about an elderly lady in Cremorne who is on her own and not eating as she could not get out or sort out how to get food in the lockdown," the woman wrote on Facebook.

"Luckily one of our volunteers found her in the local supermarket and helped her. She was on her own and had to send a letter to a friend in South Australia to send her $20."

The volunteer concluded the post with a plea to the community, asking them to keep an eye on the elderly and isolated during this difficult time, Daily Mail reported.

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"If they are doing it tough let us know and we can organise a package for them – this is also for families who have lost jobs and suffering," she wrote.

"We are sending out food to the west and inner-west but can help our own. Please keep your eyes and ears out."

It is not clear which charity organisation is being referred to.

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The post was received widely by locals who offered up their services and time for the isolated lady.

"This is just heartbreaking. I'm near the IGA in Cremorne and more than happy to help," one woman replied.

A second added: "Oh bless that's so hard and sad to hear, I hope she is ok. Would do anything to help."

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