Playground structures off limits in Port Hope due to COVID-19

Port Hope is closing more public spaces in a bid to slow the spread of COVID-19.

In a release, the municipality states that all municipal playground structures are off limits to the community. The town acknowledges that enforcing the new rule is difficult, so it’s asking caregivers to help the town enforce it.

Residents can still enjoy the town’s green space, but the municipality is asking people to practise social distancing. Anglers are also asked to keep two metres apart at all time. The fish-cleaning station is closed.

Garbage collection is still taking place in parks and along trails and pathways, and the city is reminding residents to use the garbage bins provided in these spaces. Anyone who is sick should put tissues, masks or anything else in a plastic bag instead of throwing it directly into a garbage can.

The Baulch Road dog park is closing on Wednesday, March 25, along with the skate park and tennis courts at the Town Park Recreation Centre. The town says these spaces are closing to stop groups from forming at those locations.

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