Prince George, Charlotte and Louis only ones who can keep royal family afloat

The Cambridges' children are the only people who can keep the royal family afloat, a royal expert has claimed.

Daniela Elsa made the remark following Prince George's recent appearance at Wimbledon, which saw him attend the men's final on one of the hottest days of the year so far.

While most children his age were playing at a pool or in the garden, the eight-year-old had to watch the championships while dressed in a suit in the sweltering heat.

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Elsa highlighted that royal training had already begun for Prince George and his sister Princess Charlotte, whom she believes will ultimately be the future of the slimmed-down monarchy.

She wrote for News AU: "One clear consequence of Grandpa Charles’ obsession with a slimmed-down royal family is that the only people left to help keep the monarchy afloat two decades from now will be his Cambridge grandchildren.

"The problem is, when the Prince of Wales floated his vision for a lean monarchy in 2012 during the Queen’s Golden Jubilee, he was very clearly factoring in his other son, Prince Harry and whatever wife he would ultimately finagle to join the royal ranks.

"The royal family would have two adored sons, two glamorous duchesses and a host of cute kids who could be wheeled out for photo ops."

The expert compared William's experience as a young royal to his son's and said that the now-father had more people to lean on at the time.

But with a slimmed-down monarchy, things will be shaped differently for the Cambridge kids.

"George will not have the same extended workforce of HRHs to turn to help him shoulder the burden; all he will have will be his siblings," Elsa added.

The expert highlighted that Charlotte was "pressed into service" when she attended her first walkabout to St Mary Magdalene Church at Sandringham in 2019.

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She added: "In June, when William, Kate and George went to Cardiff for the day, Charlotte was there too, having to shake hands and stand around while her parents made small talk.

"The Cambridge children might be growing up surrounded by ponies and Range Rovers and extended jaunts to Mustique, but there is one thing they will always be denied to some degree: Choice.

"Not over where he lives, what he does every day, and what his purpose in life will be.

"Definitely for George and very possible for Charlotte and Louis too, their futures have largely already been written and I’m not sure any quantity of strawberries and cream could ever really make up for that."

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