Prince Harry and Meghan deny ‘publicity stunt’ after Remembrance Sunday backlash

Prince Harry has denied his appearance with Meghan Markle in Remembrance Sunday photo shoot was a publicity stunt.

The former senior royals faced backlash after a series of pictures showed the duo laying flowers at Los Angeles National Cemetery.

Presenter Piers Morgan branded the photos as a "PR stunt" after the couple laid flowers, reportedly picked from their own garden on the graves of Commonwealth solders.

Harry and Meghan paid tribute to two solders, one from the Royal Australian Airforce, and another from the Royals Canadian Artillery.

Mr Morgan slammed the couple on Twitter, he said: "Just outrageous – treating Remembrance Sunday like a PR opportunity, & trying to steal headlines from the real royals doing their duty back home."

In response to a royal fan, he wrote: "If they wanted to be' 'left alone', they wouldn't do PR stunts every day to get media attention."

Twitter users were left divided over the pictures, one said: "They aren't royal. This should not be a photo op."

Prince Harry spoke about his respect for the soldiers and discussed the importance of the poppy.

In a podcast aired on Monday, he said: "I wear the poppy to recognise all those who have served; the soldiers I knew, as well as those I didn't.

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"The soldiers who were by my side in Afghanistan, those who had their lives changed forever, and those that didn't come home.

"I wear it to celebrate the bravery and determination of all our veterans, and their loved ones, especially those in our Invictus family.

"These are the people and moments I remember when I salute, when I stand at attention and when I lay a wreath at the Cenotaph."

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A source close to Harry defended the prince and said: "If you listen to the podcast that he did at the weekend, he talks about wearing the poppy and wanting to recognise Remembrance Sunday, not only for all those people historically, but also for the people he knew that he lost."

They added: "I don't think that's someone who does something like Remembrance Sunday as a publicity stunt," reports The Sun.

DailyStar has contacted Prince Harry's representatives for comment.

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