‘Prince Harry and Meghan should be ashamed for hanging Royal Family out to dry’

Where do you start with a couple who have constantly complained about media intrusion going on to not just publicly wash all their dirty linen in public but hang it and their families out to dry too?

They say they’re putting the record straight, laying ghosts to rest and now want put the matter to bed and move on with their lives.

Whoa, hold on there just a minute. If there was a nailed-on way of ensuring that this matter is NEVER laid to rest it’s this “intimate” chat with a friend beamed around the globe.

Because while not even a very stupid person is ever going to openly criticise the Queen, chucking everyone else under the bus is fine.

In sister-in-law Kate’s case it’s even better if you reverse the bus over her several times while smiling sweetly and mentioning a lovely bouquet of flowers she sent you.

While Andrew’s ex Sarah Ferguson is constantly referred to, warmly, as Fergie, William’s wife is mostly relegated to “she” and “her”.

Still, what’s not to like about a woman who not only hung around with a paedophile (Epstein) but borrowed a shedload of money off him and continues to publicly support her sleazy ex? Got me there.

The most depressing thing about the Kate revelation though was that two grown women will now be eternally arguing the toss over who made who cry over a flower girl’s frock. And this on International Women’s Day. When a true victim and prisoner (of Iran) – Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe – is ­finally “freed” (for now).

Melodramatic hissy fits aside, the accusation of racism is huge and will be held in judgment against not only the Royal Family but the UK forever.

Again, the shy couple chatting shyly were at pains to not diss the Queen (nor the hospitalised 99-year-old Philip) on this.

  • Meghan Markle ready to 'name and shame royal who made race remark palace fears'

But by refusing to identify who questioned their child’s skin colour because it would be “damaging to them” they’ve managed to damage the ­entire Firm. Clever. Not so clever:

● Claiming your passport was “confiscated” at the same time as you were using a ­private jet to fly to New York for your £200,000 baby shower.

● Speculating race may have
been the reason your security detail was cancelled.

● Implying baby Archie isn’t a prince because you’re being ­discriminated against (historical royal protocol, he’ll have right to ­title when Charles is King).

● Claiming you never researched/had any knowledge of royal life ­before Harry (when you also admit you already knew Eugenie and school friends have revealed how you were captivated by Princess Diana’s life). Oprah didn’t press any of these claims.

What she did do was film the couple inside their chicken coop as they clucked about “getting back to basics”.

In the garden of a £12million, 16-bathroomed Californian mansion with £130million worth of media deals, a trust fund from daddy and ­inherited family millions.

Let’s examine the other explosive claim in Oprah’s chat. Mental health. And the fact that both Diana and the woman in this interview both considered taking their own lives is beyond worrying and very sad. Surely in 26 years some lessons have been learnt?

Diana’s two boys formed their own mental health charity – Heads Together – to tackle this issue and this is the younger of the two talking in 2017: “I’ve probably been very close to a complete breakdown on numerous occasions. It was my brother who encouraged me to seek professional help.”

Meanwhile, talking to Oprah the now grown man reveals: “When my wife said she couldn’t cope I didn’t ask for help. Not a conversation you have [with my family].”

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