Prince Harry flustered as hes called so hot by actress Kristen Bell

Actress Kristen Bell has spoken about her first embarrassing encounter with Prince Harry, claiming she was wearing a sports bra and ended up remarking that the Prince was "so hot.

Kristen Bell and actor Dax Shepard were reminiscing to Access Hollywood about their relationship when Bell revealed she met Prince Harry for the first time in a compromising outfit at home, the Express reports.

"I did meet him, I was running down the stairs on my way to a workout class in a sports bra and he came out of my restroom," she said.

"I was like, well, I guess this is it Your Majesty.

"This is my sports brassiere.

"He was just such a lovely gentleman, and so kind and so gracious."

Her husband and American actor Dax Shepard went on to comment on the Duke's appearance.

He said: "And handome as hell."

Ms Bell agreed, saying that the Prince was "so hot."

The Duke of Sussex also previously appeared on Dax Shepard's 'Armchair Expert' podcast.

He joined the actor to discuss important matters, including his family and mental health.

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At one stage in the conversation, the Prince discussed his experience of growing up in the Royal Family and how he met his wife, Meghan Markle.

During the interview, the Prince made some explosive claims.

He said that he was told to: "Grin and bear it, get on with it."

He added: "In my early twenties, I was in space of 'I don't want this job. Look what it did to my mum, how am I ever going to settle down, have a wife and a family, when I know this is going to happen again.' I've seen behind the curtain, I know how this operation runs and works."

"I don't want to be part of this. Then once I started doing therapy suddenly the bubble was burst."

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