Prince Harry ‘has changed considerably and is looking older’ since US move

Prince Harry has “changed considerably” since arriving in the US with his most recent appearance showing him looking “a little world-weary”.

The Duke of Sussex is celebrating his 37th birthday today (September 15) – the second one he has enjoyed since moving to the US last year.

Harry and wife Meghan Markle have made a number of TV appearances following their split from the Royal Family.

And body language expert Judi James believes the Duke of Sussex in particular has shown signs of aging.

She compared his first appearance in the US, where he urged Americans to vote in the presidential election in 2020, to his most recent showing at the GQ awards.

Speaking to Daily Star, she said: “Harry has changed considerably since he arrived in the US, comparing these two appearances he looks older now as well as more mature and even a little world-weary, as though the problems of the world weigh heavily on his shoulders.

“His status and power signals now are coming from a more static and less physical place.”

Judi said that in their interview with TIME, taken just a few days after Harry’s birthday last year in September, the Duke “looked a welter of anxiety and nervousness”.

“His energy and anxiety shows in both his posture and his hand gestures,” she continued.

“His knees are splayed to suggest machismo and confidence but his legs are crossed at the ankle to limit that sense of confidence.

“When he finishes speaking he cracks his knuckles and begins to squirm and fiddle, sucking his lips in slightly.”

This is in stark contrast to his appearance at the GQ awards earlier this month.

The body language expert claimed Harry adopted a pose “more associated with a guru or expert and a much older one, like [David] Attenborough”.

“He looks keen to assert his gravitas and authority as he sighs slightly and adopts a much less active and more somber facial expression,” she added.

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