Prince Philip nearly died choking on a mince pie at Christmas, chef claims

The Royal Family's Christmas dinner traditions have been laid bare – and one of them nearly killed off the-late Queen's husband Prince Philip.

From stuffing coins in a Christmas pudding to making sure the embarrassing uncle steers clear of alcohol, everyone has their own traditions at Christmas time.

And the Royal Family is no different.

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But one year, former Royal chef Dareen McGrady claims, nearly saw an unfortunate accident take place at the hands of over-eager mince pie decorators.

Speaking on his YouTube channel to 265,000 subscribers, he explained how the Royal Family eat mince pies in a certain way.

He said: “You've got to let them go completely cold. I know, it's hard – they smell gorgeous but hide them away somewhere, go for a walk.

“Once they're cold, then you can run a knife around the edges and carefully lift them out onto a serving tray.

“Later in the day, around lunch time, once the entrée had gone into the dining room, then you could put the pies back in the oven and we had to do that to get them really, really hot, and by the time they got into the royal dining room, oh my goodness, they tasted absolutely gorgeous”

However, before the family go and wolf down a set of better-than-your-average-supermarket mince pies, they've got to be decorated.

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And the most traditional way of doing this is with powdered sugar – or icing sugar, to most of us.

He added: “But before they went into the dining room, a little powdered sugar on the top.

"We had to be careful how much powdered sugar we put on top of the pies.

“I remember one Sandringham Christmas, Prince Philip nearly choking because he inhaled the powdered sugar off the top of the mince pie.”

The year of the sugar chaos was not stated, however, and Prince Philip died in 2021.

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