Princess Charlotte will never be pushed down by brothers, says royal expert

Princess Charlotte, currently third in line to ascend the throne, will never "be pushed down" the royal line of succession.

Prince William's second child is placed ahead of Prince Louis in the order of succession and this will continue if she has any other younger siblings, including any further brothers.

Royal expert Marlene Koenig, speaking exclusively to, said "Charlotte is now third in line to the throne", adding she will "never be pushed down by any brothers".

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She noted despite this, the "gender-equal" line of succession "doesn't apply to Princess Anne".

Speaking of royal titles, many have speculated whether William, upon ascending the throne, will give his only daughter the title of Princess Royal, which is Anne's current title.

Ms Koenig believes this would not happen, particularly as Louis may potentially end up with a Dukedom title.

She added this was because she "is already ahead of Louis" in the line of succession.

She concluded by stating Charlotte would "always be ahead of Louis".

Princess Charlotte and Louis' elder brother George is currently second in line to the throne.

Their father Prince William is next in line to the throne. After the three Wales' children, Prince Harry is fifth, despite no longer being a working royal and is followed by his two children Archie and Lilibet.

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Charlotte and her elder brother are expected to attend King Charles' Coronation in May 2023.

The two young royals have attended various royal events, especially in the past few months.

Charlotte and George attended the late Queen's state funeral last month, alongside their parents.

Charlotte made a surprise appearance at a Commonwealth Games events in Birmingham with her parents in August.

It was the first time the seven-year-old has attended a royal event without either of her two brothers.

However, the fact the seven-year-old sits behind brother Prince George in the same way Prince Harry fell behind his brother before George, Charlotte and Louis were all born, means she is "the Spare", according to Daniela Elser.

Writing for, Elser said: "The little girl might only be seven, but at a time when her classmates are busy daydreaming about being astronauts or racing car drivers or TikTok influencers with lucrative Louis Vuitton sponsorships, Charlotte already knows exactly what her future holds – she is The Spare."


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