Princess Diana’s ex James Hewitt ‘raking up leaves in £4k-a-year gardening job’

Princess Diana’s former fling James Hewitt is now living with his elderly mum and working as a £4,000 a year gardener.

The 62-year-old former Cavalry Officer had an affair with Diana during her marriage to Prince Charles.

The People’s Princess discussed their relationship in the famous 1995 BBC Panorama interview, confessing that she loved him.

She and Hewitt eventually went separate ways after he was deployed to serve in the Gulf War.

These days, Hewitt is digging up soil and cutting trees at the 17th-century manor house in Farringdon, Devon, the MailOnline reports.

Pictures show him tending to the grass in a lawnmower and raking away leaves.

Residents claim he “made a dog’s dinner” of an 100-year-old yew tree.

Barry Presswell, 76, said: “Hewitt said he wanted it to look 'regal and shaped like a wine glass' and brought a tree surgeon in which cost the residents £1500 and he cut it down.”

He claimed the tree had been reduced from 18ft to 10ft, adding: “It looks like an octopus. It is dreadful.

“I went down to try and stop them and even said I would stay there until they stopped. But I was too late.

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“It is ruined. Hewitt did say sorry and that there had been a mistake, but we are extremely upset about this.

“Now we can see right through to the road where before it was a lovely view of the tree.”

Hewitt’s salary is funded by the local residents’ association, the Farringdon House residents.

Over the years, he has repeatedly denied claims that he is Prince Harry’s dad.

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Hewitt also insists that he didn’t meet Diana until after Harry was born.

In October, a royal author claimedPrince Williambroke down in tears and refused to speak toDianaafter she discussed her affair with Hewitt.

She also sensationally claimed there were “three of us in this marriage” in the Panorama interview, referencing Charles and Camilla.

Battle of Brothers: William andHarry— the Friendship and the Feuds, by royal historian Robert Lacey, claims William was devastated by the revelations.

The book, being serialised in the Daily Mail, reads: “When William's housemaster returned to his study, he found the prince slumped on the sofa, his eyes red with tears. And when Diana telephoned an hour later, William refused to speak to her.

“Two days later, the distraught princess told her faith-healer Simone Simmons what had happened. William had been 'so angry with her,' said Diana.

“He had broken out in one of the notorious rages that would, from time to time, scar his teenage years and young adult life.

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“‘All hell broke loose. He was furious…that she had spoken badly of his father, that she had mentioned Hewitt…he started shouting and crying and, when she tried to put her arms around him, he shoved her away.'

“The next day, William apologised to his mother for his bad temper, and presented her with a bunch of flowers.”

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