Pub chiefs slam ‘overzealous’ cops storming pubs to look for Scotch egg munchers

Killjoy police have been slammed for storming pubs and telling punters Scotch eggs are not a “substantial meal”.

Drinkers across the UK have been forced to leave as soon as they finish eating in Tier 2 boozers that are under much tighter rules to fight the spread of coronavirus.

Patrick Dardis, chief executive of Young’s, said officers in London had been booting out customers.

He said: “As if we haven’t got enough to contend with, we have had some overzealous officials going into pubs unnecessarily and it’s a bit intimidating customers.”

City of London Police said officers would only enforce legislation “where absolutely necessary”.

Deputy Chief Constable Paul Netherton said: “Police will not be visiting pubs checking what people are eating.

“If we are faced with an issue, we may issue warnings and take action. We have other priorities.

“A substantial meal is not a new thing and the police understand its meaning.

  • Scotch egg counts as a 'substantial meal' in Tier 2 pubs, minister says

"If you are sitting at the bar eating a Scotch egg in your hand with your pint, that’s not a substantial meal.

“If you are sitting at a table with a knife and fork, a Scotch egg and salad, especially with beetroot and pickle, on a plate then it is a substantial meal.”

Under Tier 2 rules, customers can only order alcohol with a “substantial meal”.

Cabinet Office minister Michael Gove has said in one interview a Scotch egg was classed as one.

Meanwhile, a brewery owner has been forced to flush 40,000 pints of beer down the drain because of Wales’ booze ban.

Richard Anstee, of Glamorgan Brewing Company, said: “It will kill every Welsh brewer out there.”

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