Pubs SOS to breweries for more beer after Bank Holiday revellers drink them dry

Pubs sent an SOS to breweries for more beer this weekend after Bank Holiday revellers threatened to drink them dry.

Landlords across the nation were forced to order extra deliveries to avoid a devastating booze drought on their busiest two days of the year. Beer sales rocketed by 50% as the nation knocked back an epic 120million pints.

Around 65million were served up by bar staff as the heatwave and long weekend combined to create perfect beer garden conditions.

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And another 55million were savoured by drinkers at home.

Emma McClarkin, chief executive of the British Beer and Pub Association, said: “We’re expecting the long weekend at the start of the summer weather to increase footfall and food and drink sales, both in pubs and the off trade.
“Pubs are happily welcoming people enjoying a pint this Bank Holiday weekend.”

It comes as the UK basks in temperatures hotter than 21C Benidorm – with highs of 26C expected later this week.
Experts have predicted 10 days of glorious sunshine as a 700-mile-wide high-pressure system blows over from the west.

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Temperatures will climb to 22C on Monday in many areas, nudging 25C in London and 26C in Scotland by Thursday.

A Met Office forecaster said: “It will be largely dry and settled, with sunny spells.

“The period to June 9 has inland regions likely to feel rather warm to warm during the day, but coastal areas may feel cooler.”

Experts have warned fair-skinned Brits to stay safe in the sun, with UV levels expected to climb to a “very high” level of 8. They claim those with the palest skin could be at risk of burning after just 10 minutes outdoors.

The forecaster added: “There is plenty of sunshine across the UK and UV levels will be high and very high across parts of England and Wales.”

Meanwhile thousands of UK families spending half-term in Spain may end up wishing they stayed at home, after a month’s worth of rain hit many areas on Saturday.

Met Office meteorologist Marco Petagna quipped: “There’s plenty of rain in Spain.”

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