Purplebricks kicks home off website after sellers appalling message to buyers

A shocking statement by a house seller has seen them kicked off an estate agent's list.

The house, in the Great Barr area in Birmingham, was taken off the market by online estate agent Purplebricks after the property owner told the potential buyer that they were "not accepting visits from members of the Asian community,” saying that people of Indian and Pakistani origin were just “wasting their time”.

The seller's message said: "I am no longer taking viewings from the Indian/Asian community who are not serious buyers but just look around properties for sale as a day out.

"There are many other properties you can waste people's time on so I suggest you go view one of them."

Purplebricks said that once they had seen the comment they told the vendor that they would no longer continue with the sale of the property. The company has also refunded the vendor its signup initial fee, it is understood.

A spokesperson for the company told BlackCountryLive: "The sentiments expressed in this message are completely opposed to Purplebricks' views and values.

"As soon as we saw this comment, we told the vendor that we wouldn't sell their house and refunded their fee. The house is no longer on the market with Purplebricks.

"We also contacted the buyer to express how appalled we were by this message and apologise that they’ve had this experience."

A reporter from BirminghamLive visited the property, hoping to speak to the homeowner. But a woman, who did not want to be named, answered the door and claimed that she didn't know the vendor or the person that owned it.

She drove away from the house a short while later.

The original exchange was shared to the social media site, Nextdoor, sparking anger amongst users. One said: "So disgusting and unnecessary."

Another added: "Absolutely ridiculous."

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