Putin could unleash Novichok nerve agent to poison Ukrainians into surrender

Evil Vladimir Putin could resort to using deadly nerve agent Novichok in attacks against Ukraine as he grows increasingly desperate with his flailing invasion, US officials fear.

The terrifying compound was used in Britain by spies who targeted former Russian military intelligence officer Sergei Skripal at his home in Salisbury, Wiltshire.

It was also used in an attempt on Putin rival Alexei Navalny – but although the Kremlin has only used the nerve agent to target individuals in the past, they could now harness it to target mass casualties too.

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President Joe Biden is now working to ensure heroic troops battling to save the eastern European country from the dictator’s brutal grip are prepared for the terrifying threat, Politico reports.

Intelligence sources are also worried that Russia could attempt to force Ukraine to surrender with the use of a nuclear strike or dirty bomb attack that would lead to the horrifying deaths of thousands of people.

Experts within the White House are getting ready for the potential horror attack through mobilising their resources and creating detection systems ready to be used in Ukraine.

According to a leak from an aide, the country has been aware for some time of Russia’s moves to increase their capacity for chemical weapons.

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US Senators were even briefed on the threat as top officials in America plan how to contain the cruel Russian President’s ambitions.

The worrying news comes after it was revealed Putin may be planning to order more extreme actions from his army because if he fails to get results he could be ousted from the Kremlin and killed.

An advisor warned that if the former KGB man’s invasion continues to serve embarrassing failures with more territorial gains for the heroic Ukrainian army, it could spell the end of his terrifying reign over Russia.

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