Putin humiliation as Russian forces lost 70 percent of missiles in Ukraine in TWO months

Russian state TV shows Putin nervously biting his lip

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Christo Grozev, a Bulgarian investigative journalist and the lead Russian investigator with investigative website Bellingcat, found that Moscow only had 30 percent of the missiles the Kremlin started the war with. Mr Grozev, who worked as a radio reporter during the communist era in Bulgaria, added that according to reports only “30 to 40 people” were still operating the remaining Russian missiles.

He revealed: “They have about 30 percent of what they started the war with.

“There is also the question: who is operating these missiles?

“After all, the resource that can work with these missiles is also limited.

“Our intelligence suggests this is about 30 to 40 people.

“After all, Ukraine is working not only to shoot down and destroy missiles, but also to identify persons who can program these missiles.

“Therefore, I won’t be surprised if not only hardware but also so-called software runs out in Russia.”

Commenting on the battle for the southern Ukrainian city of Mariupol Mr Grozev noted that it is likely that tactically a Russian victory is likely.

However, he pointed out this did not mean a Ukrainian defeat was inevitable, particularly in the medium and longer term. 

This is because the Ukrainian defence is losing control due to a weapon shortage rather than an unwillingness to fight, the expert stated.

According to Mr Grozev, however, time is working in Ukraine’s favour as high-precision weapons are being sent every week.

As a result, although a strong Ukrainian defence may be difficult in the next week, it could well be possible in the next two to three weeks.

He said: “At this stage, 19 nations are ready to provide high-tech weapons to Ukraine, which gives reason for hope.” 

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