Putin humiliation as same amount of Russian troops killed as 10 years in Afghanistan

Ukraine: Russian military losses discussed by Gardner

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Following Russia’s troops retreat from Kyiv, BBC Security Correspondent Frank Gardner said: “The amount of Russian troops killed in Ukraine is the same as the amount lost in ten years of fighting in Afghanistan”. Putin’s invasion, however, is not going to stop any sooner, he added.

Speaking with BBC, BBC Security Correspondent  Frank Gardner said: “The amount of Russian troops killed in Ukraine is the same as the amount that Putin has lost in 10 years of fighting in Afghanistan in the 80’.

He continued: “[Putin] has basically brought NATO and the West together as never before”. 

“[Russia’s] economy is buckling under the sanctions”, he also added.

Mr Gardner reiterated: “[Russia] has taken some ground, but they have been pushed back at the north of Ukraine”.

“When we say that Russian troops are withdrawing from the north, it because they have lost the north against the Ukrainians”, Mr Gardner explained.

He also warned: “Let’s not be fool about this relative calm at the moment”.

“We are on an operational course at the moment, and Russia is conducting a massive assault in the Donbas”, he added.

“[Ukrainian army] have been dragging for months and this is where this war is going to be decided”, explained the BBC Security Correspondent referring to the Russian troops now regrouping in the east of Ukraine after unsuccessful attempt in the capital Kyiv.

Following the claim, Mr Gardner openly said: “I am sorry to say, but even though [the new phase of the conflict] could start as early as Bank holiday weekend, it is unlikely to end quickly”.

He continued: “It could potentially drag on for months, even years”.

“This was Putin’s lockdown project”

He then explained: “[Putin wants] to bring Ukraine back down Moscow”.

The BBC Security Corespondent firmly reiterated: “[Putin] does not want a free democratic country, which could potentially join NATO”.

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“[Putin] does not even want Ukraine to join the EU”, he also added.

Mr Gardner concluded: “Peace talks, when they will eventually happen, are going to be hard as Russia is going to sit on a lot of Ukrainian territory”. 

The claims come after evidence that seems to confirm Russia’s intensification of its troops in south east of Ukraine as consequence of their unachieved objective in Kyiv, which would have seen the total occupation of the capital as well as the replacement of President Zelensky with a pro-Russian figure.

The new plan in the south east regions of Ukraine would potentially allow Putin to unify the region of Donbas, now recognised as Russian, with Crimea, as suggested by the BBC Security Analyst.

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