Putin on the run as Russian forces have now fully withdrawn from northern Ukraine

Russia’s goal is to 'erase’ Ukraine says Bucha resident

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The move comes as the Russian President claims part one of the “special operation” is now complete, and part two will now come into force. Military analysts widely believe Russian assets will now regroup before focusing all attention towards Eastern Ukraine. Speculation suggests Putin is seeking to build a land bridge between Russia and the annexed Crimea peninsula.

The latest Ministry of Defence intelligence report on the retreat has confirmed the news.

It read: “In the north, Russian forces have now fully withdrawn from Ukraine to Belarus and Russia.

“At least some of these forces will be transferred to Eastern Ukraine to fight in the Donbas.”

Yet, it appears the move may not happen overnight as Russia licks the wounds of losses suffered whilst occupying central Ukraine.

The Mod continues: “Many of these forces will require significant replenishment before being ready to deploy further east, with any mass deployment from the north likely to take at least a week minimum.”

The Ministry warns heavy pounding continues in the east and south of Ukraine as the continued efforts to occupy the strategic links to Crimea continue.

It ended: “Russian shelling of the cities in the east and south continues and Russian forces have advanced further south from the strategically important city of Izium which remains under their control.”

As Putin’s troops continue to retreat from areas surrounding Kyiv, horrendous atrocities are being discovered in their wake.

The town of Bucha has seen hundreds of civilians murdered, as well as the discovery of mass graves containing many more bodies.

Reports have emerged of looting, rape and carnage as disillusioned Russian troops head out of the area.

Fears are mounting worse is yet to come and more areas become free of Russian assets, allowing Ukrainian officials to evaluate the full extent of the damage.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has stated the situation in the town of Borodyanka is “much worse” than Bucha raising concerns about what will be revealed.

He said: “The work to clear the rubble in Borodyanka has begun … it’s significantly more dreadful there.

“Even more victims from the Russian occupiers,”

Video from Borodyanka showed search and rescue teams using heavy equipment to dig through the rubble of a building that collapsed.

Hundreds of people were feared buried.

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Mr Zelenskiy also warned Russia was preparing “propaganda scenarios”, in which Russian troops would make it look like Ukrainian soldiers were responsible for the deaths of civilians in Mariupol.

Ukraine has also been accused of committing crimes of their own following reports a captured Russian soldier had been killed by a Ukrainian.

Speaking of the incident, Ukraine’s ambassador to the UK, Vadym Prystaiko said: “We’re making this very clear to all our soldiers there are some limits.

“Τhe military are fighting. There are some limits.

“And each and every incident will be investigated.”

He added: “On a separate note, we’re talking about civilians, and Russians are killing, raping, just our civilian people.

“There are differences.

“All of us hate the war as it is, with people killing each other, but there is a difference, when you kill and shoot at military when you’re fighting, and when you kill innocent civilians.”

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With Russia suggesting the atrocities witnessed in Bucha were staged, the ambassador said Putin should join in with the investigation and witness the horror for himself.

Ending his interview with Sky News he said: “They can join the international investigation effort.

“They can come with anybody else and check it.

“If he has the stomach to face these people.

“He can come to Bucha himself and check it and see it.”

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