Putin prepares 900 bomb shelters in Moscow district as WW3 fears escalate

Russia has begun work on some 900 bomb shelters around Moscow sparking further fears of nuclear war.

They come as Russia’s dismal display on the battlefield in Ukraine continues to force the leader into a corner where he might feel his only option is to use nuclear weapons.

The new bunkers, reports from Telegram channel Baza claim, come with beds and storage as well as clean water access.

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Moving at an "active pace", the work is being carried out by Moscow city workers and allegedly has to be done so soon they were wanted “by yesterday”.

Although being carried out in some areas more than others, construction of various nuke-survival methods is believed to be being carried out across the city.

Around 30 shelters are understood to have been built in the posh neighbourhood of Khamovniki.

They are decked out with first-aid kits, lanterns and all the things needed to sustain life while bombs fall overhead.

Older shelters in the city are thought to be in need of some TLC, having fallen into shoddy nick.

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The report claims one shelter is radiation-proof.

Other public buildings like family centres and children’s homes are also getting the bunker treatment, while pre-existing basements are thought to be being decked out with electricity, firewood and supplies.

The report claims that outside, emergency field kitchens have been set up.

According to news site Podyom, shelters in public buildings like schools are being tested by local law enforcement to ensure they are up to scratch.

Speaking to the platform, an anonymous source said: “Nobody gave us a specific order [on paper], of course, but they told us orally that there were instructions to get the bomb shelters in working order.

"Right now, in four schools in the centre of Moscow, we’re preparing the sewage drains and installing electricity."

Other areas are being repurposed and reclaimed – including what was once a shelter but is currently a car park.

It is being "brought into line with the direct purpose of a civil defence facility".

According to the Sun, efforts are being made by the Moscow City Government "to increase the readiness of collective protective means”.

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