Putin puppet urges more Russian strikes to trigger EU migrant crisis

Russian pundit says ‘let Europe tackle these problems’

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Kremlin propagandist Sergei Mikheyev called on Russia to wage the war directly on Europe with massive migration crisis. The Russian pundit said Vladimir Putin’s army need to intensify missile strikes against critical energy infrastructure to force freezing Ukrainians to leave their country and seek asylum in Europe. With the move, the Kremlin could directly hit Ukraine’s allies and reduce support for the country’s defence.

After an explosive rant against the USA and Europe, Sergei Mikheyev, one of Putin’s media puppets, said: “Now, on a more serious note, we really need to make sure that, Ukraine is forced to send another 10-15 million refugees to Europe and let Europe tackle these problems.

“Yes, Europe is rich and it will tackle them. Let it tackle them! Let it! It is entirely correct.

“Strikes on infrastructure should throw the life on the entire Ukrainian state into disarray. 

“This is in fact is also a format for conducting the special military operation or war, if you will.

“This, by the way, would save the lives of both civilians and military personnel.”

The Russian propagandist previously launched into a furious tirade, saying Ukrainian should leave by their own will and seek asylum in the EU and NATO countries instead of fighting against Russian forces.

He said: “I feel like telling Ukrainians: listen, if you really believe they love you so much, no one’s keeping you here!

“Let them take them there! Alright, the army and those who are fighting.

“But let all the others be taken to America!”

TV host and long friend of Putin Vladimir Solovyov agreed with his reasoning, adding: “Ukraine will thus join the EU and NATO partially – with the population, not the country.”

Sergei Mikheyev continued: “There’s the grain deal. Yes, there’s a load of issues with it but still. 

“Let’s strike a humanitarian deal with the Americans. Let them send 100 steamboats and we’ll send them back to America from Odesa. 

“There were the ‘philosophers’ steamboats’ and those will be humanitarian steamboats. I’m completely serious!” 

“Ukrainians, have a think about this! You believe in Western aid. 

“If they fed you, watered you, and put you to bed in their own countries, now that would be Western aid.”

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After major retreats from strategic Ukrainians cities, Russian forces are now trying to keep the upper hand by launching nation-wide waves of missile strikes against Ukraine and deliberately targeting critical energy facilities to plunge the country into darkness. 

Air raid alerts have been issued across all Ukraine, including capital Kyiv, after warnings by officials that Russia is preparing a new series of missile attacks.

Prof Michael Clarke, the former director general of the Royal United Services Institute, issued the same warning on Sky News: “It looks as though Russians are preparing some big air attacks. There’s a lot of Twitter chat and satellite imagery at air bases … so there may be a lot of air activity.”

Looking at the latest development as winter sets in, he added: “The Russians have been pounding away at Bakhmut for about four weeks and they’re trying to attack it from the east, the north, and it looks as though they’ve made some progress from the south of Bakhmut.”

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