Putins notorious Wagner Group train Belarusians for special Ukraine operation

Vladimir Putin's shadowy Wagner Group mercenaries have reportedly gone to Belarus to prepare fighters there for a sabotage operation in Ukraine.

According to Telegram channel We Can Explain, the group has been training a private security company associated with Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko's regime since the beginning of August.

We Can Explain claims to have a source familiar with the training camp.

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The Wagner Group is a Russian paramilitary force who have worked for Putin in conflicts all over the world such as in Syria, the Central African Republic and now Ukraine.

The group consists of highly trained fighters earning six times more than normal Russian soldiers. They are organised by oligarch Yevgeny Prigozhin and known neo-Nazi Dmitry Utkin.

Their new project in Belarus has seen pixelated khaki uniforms, resembling those used by the Ukrainian army, delivered across the border with the aim of organising sabotage attacks, according to Ukrainian news outlet Dialog.

Belarusian fighters are reportedly being offered 234,000 Russian rubles (£3,373) to participate in the secret operation, a fee three times higher than their standard wage.

We Can Explain say that Wagner instructors analysed around 500 private security companies in Belarus and handpicked 50 fighters after interviews and intensive training.

The Belarusians have supposedly been given lessons in everything from engineering to firearms to tactical medicine.

It is also thought that they will take part in secret reconnaissance missions on Ukrainian soil.

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This comes after the Ukrainian military claimed Belarusians were being lobbied to sign contracts with Russian private military companies in July.

According to Dialog, future exercises will see Russian and Belarusian forces practice for the capture of Ukraine.

Although Belarus has been used as a staging point for Russian attacks, Lukashenko is yet to formally commit his military into the war against Ukraine.


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