Putins soldiers start new battle in booze-fuelled fights with Belarusian troops

Mad Vladimir Putin's troops have started a new battle in a series of alcohol-fuelled brawls with Belarusian soldiers – who are supposed to be allies.

The fights broke out during training exercises when Putin’s men accused the Belarus troops of being too scared to fight in Ukraine.

Tension built up during the week-long manoeuvres after Russian paratroopers ridiculed the Belarusians for their poor military skills and lack of courage to get involved in the war.

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Punch-ups broke out between several units after troops took part in joint military exercises in Belarus aimed at forming a new military task force – agreed by the two presidents.

Belarusian troops took to social media to denounce the Russians as arrogant and aggressive with one soldier calling them “bullying idiots”.

President Alexander Lukashenko claims he has been forced to agree to the military venture after increased aggression by Kyiv’s military on his border with northern Ukraine.

He has until now allowed the Kremlin to use Belarus to mount attacks into Ukraine but has stopped short of deploying his limited conscript army into combat.

One said: “They are supposed to be our allies, I will not be fighting with these bullying idiots. Ukraine is their war not ours.”

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Speaking at the recent G7 meeting Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky accused Russia of trying to draw Belarus into the war.

But Belarus has a limited military capability with an Army of just 50,000 – many of whom are conscripts and part-time reservists.

Hugh Smith, 51, a former Royal Artillery officer who served with NATO, said this brawling simply highlights the lack of discipline across the Russian Army.

He added: “For years we ran in fear of the Russians, but the war in Ukraine has shown they are poorly trained, poorly equipped and have little discipline.”

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