Putins thugs snatch Russian bloke off street to force him to fight in Ukraine

Vladimir Putin's conscript-snatchers have been caught on camera tackling a man fleeing Russia's relentless army recruitment.

A man tried bolting from his flat in St Petersburg when a team of police and enlistment officers rocked up to drag him to Ukraine.

Images show the potential conscript scrambling away from his military summons only to be swiftly snared without a chance to say goodbye to friends and family.

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Reports coming out of Russia say mobilisation teams are trawling the country to randomly select men of the right age who they force into signing on for the war effort at enlistment centres.

This comes amid a new claim Putin is misleading Russians by announcing 220,000 have been conscripted with another 80,000 “reservists” to be mobilised in the next fortnight.

"Putin lied about the completion of the ‘partial’ mobilisation within the next two weeks,” said General SVR Telegram channel today.

He similarly misled that the total would be 300,000.

The channel claimed that 400,000 have been drafted already by the Defence Ministry’s figures, with half a million expected in by November 1.

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“There is a personal order from Putin to mobilise one million people by 1 March 2023.”

“The president is not particularly concerned about the number of losses, the main thing for him is not to lose.”

The same source claims that total army losses reported to Putin now stand at 66,126, with another 20,415 killed in private military companies like Wagner which are supporting Putin.

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Another 5,036 national guards have been killed. This is a total of 91,577, higher than other estimates to date and more losses than those suffered by the US during the Vietnam war.

There have been at least three explosions from 'kamikaze' drones, which have struck the centre of Ukraine's capital Kyiv overnight.

Russian forces have restart their bombing campaign in the Ukrainian capital after last week's onslaught, the Mirror reports.


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