Queen may step back from duty as Charles prepared to take over, expert says

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The Queen could be set to take another break from royal duties, with her son Prince Charles ready to step up if needed, a royal source has claimed.

Expert Neil Sean has said that royal sources are claiming that the Prince of Wales was thinking about “taking over” and doing the Queen's annual Christmas speech.

The annual televised Christmas Day highlight has been a staple for British households for decades, but her ailing health has meant that the 95-year-old might not be well enough to do this year's event.

Although no updates have been given by Buckingham Palace since November, when the Queen was forced to miss the Remembrance Sunday events, she is thought to be ready to record her Christmas speech as she does every year.

However, Mr Sean said: “Her Majesty may not be fit enough to address the nation on Christmas Day.

“It wasn't alarming or anything like that but basically, you know when you feel a bit off it and you don't feel your best.

“She’s the lady who always looks glamorous in my opinion, you wouldn’t want television canvas and try to get through reading.

“His Royal Highness Prince Charles would have to step in and address the nation on Christmas Day.

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“That particular broadcast is one of the highest-rating of the year over here at 3 pm in the United Kingdom.

“Literally the world stops, teacups clamp down, we stop eating our Christmas cake and we all listen to what Her Majesty has had to say.

“She does have a huge impact, let’s not forget just how impactful she was when she spoke to all of those people at COP26 and it seems unthinkable that we will never hear let's see at least at one point in one day from our glorious Majesty again.”

The Queen's first televised speech took place in 1957, after she took over the duty from her father, George VI in 1952.

The Daily Star has reached out to Buckingham Palace for a comment on this story.

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