Queens stunning response when child asked her if she believed in Santa

The Queen once gave a very diplomatic answer when she was asked whether she believed in Father Christmas.

Resurfaced footage from a 1989 reception for The Commonwealth at the Royal Albert Hall shows Her Majesty chatting with children from all over the world in a special session.

The kids can be seen wearing national dress from each of their home countries, and take it in turns to ask the Queen, then 63, about life as Britain's ruling monarch.

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Singling out the tough Santa question as one of his favourite royal moments, royal biographer Andrew Morton told Pod Save the Queen: "I just love her dry sense of humour and she was once asked by a little boy 'Do you believe in Father Christmas?'

"The Queen, ever the consummate diplomat, said 'I'd like to think that I believe in Father Christmas', and to me, that is a clever answer from someone who does crossword puzzles!"

Other intriguing questions were put to the monarch in the 1980s clip included "Do you like being the Queen?" to which she replied: "It's a very busy life."

She is then interrupted by another child who asks: "How big is your palace?", and she responds: "My palace is quite large, it has very long corridors to walk down it, especially if one is late!"

When asked if her crown is "very heavy", Her Majesty says: "It's quite heavy, yes, you don't really want to walk around in it!"

While she entertained her young guests with some good answers about Buckingham Palace on this occasion, it is said the monarch has few fond feelings for her official residence.

Former royal chef to the Queen, Darren McGrady, 60, spoke out on the Queen's alleged dislike for the London-based property and said that the 96-year-old saw the regal property as "an office" more than a home.

The 60-year-old chef said that it was "no surprise" the Queen chose to move away from Buckingham Palace recently by lodging in Windsor Castle as she's "never really liked" living at the cultural landmark.


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