Racy animal activist Vegan Booty asks people to wear lingerie and join protest

An animal activist has asked people to don lingerie in the name of saving the animals.

Tash Peterson, who goes by the online moniker of Vegan Booty, has taken to the web to encourage racy protest in the interest of animal rights.

Titled Lingerie Protest, the Australia-based action is set to take place on Wednesday, June 14, in Melbourne, Victoria.

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Tash, whose Instagram bio reads: “If you're not vegan, you're an animal abuser… End the animal holocaust,” took to the platform to invite people to come and get involved.

The three-hour protest asks people to, “Join us for a lingerie protest on the 14th June for animal rights.

“Wear your favourite pink lingerie set! Signs will be available on the day as well as flyers to hand out to the public.”

In a story posted to her Instagram account, she posted an image of campaigners – dressed in lingerie – holding up a trio of provocative signs.

One said: “We only f*** vegans”.

Another read: “Plant-powered penises last longer”.

The third said: “Stop abusing animals”.

The protest asked supporters to head down to Bourke Street, one of the main arteries in Melbourne’s Central Bussiness District, to get involved.

Attached to the activist group Dominion, Tash regularly shares her involvement in powerful and drastic actions to try and share messages about the harm industries involving animal products cause.

In one such protest, she stood inside a clothing store that used the feathers of ducks and geese in its products.

Dressed in a bloodied and feathered leotard, she held the mock corpse of a goose with its skin ripped back and insides showing to speak about the alleged hypocrisy of people claiming to care for animals while also supporting industries that oppress them.

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