RAF’s new £2bn fighter jet to be flown by ‘AI virtual assistant’

Royal Air Force pilots will have a "virtual assistant" to fall back on if they get in trouble, insiders have revealed.

Engineers announced on Friday that a new fleet of aircraft called the Tempest warplane will be rolled out by 2035 and will be capable of being flown by humans or the in-built AI co-pilot.

The Tempest will be able to take over if the pilot is "stressed or overloaded" which it can detect by analysing data from smartwatches, heart rate monitors and other technology.

Suzy Broadbent of BAE which is part of a consortium developing the aircraft said: "In the future, we are expecting the battlespace to be a lot busier and lot more congested than it is now.

"There’s a potential for the operator to be overloaded with all the information that is out there.

The virtual assistant could look like an avatar on-screen or in the style of a Twitter feed.

Suzy added: "That’s what we can do in this next generation is to start to look at things in virtual reality, using off-the-shelf technologies."

Team Tempest is developing the aircraft having formed a technology and defence partnership involving BAE Systems, Leonardo, MBDA, Rolls-Royce and the RAF.

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Hundreds of hi-tech companies and academic institutions are also taking part.

The radar technology is so advanced it will be able to process the equivalent of nine hours of HD video every second.

BAE has also been trialling "psycho-physiological" technologies on its test pilots flying Typhoon aircraft.

By tracking eyes and other physical behaviour they hope to better understand levels of exertion and stress.

Some of the work is being carried out at BAE’s "factory of the future" at Warton in Lancashire.

The Government has committed £2billion to the Tempest project by 2025.

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