Random cat with abs of steel in desperate struggle to break into woman’s home

A cat burglar was filmed wriggling for around 40 seconds against a window as it clumsily broke into a woman's home.

The hilarious footage was recorded by a mum who was entertained by the cat's gymnastic antics while eating her toast in the living room.

In the clip, uploaded on TikTok by user @jayee1992 and recorded at her home in Wales, the cat examines the narrow window opening before springing upwards and grabbing on with its two front paws.

Unfortunately, the moggy does not have enough leverage to haul itself up and a desperate struggle begins.

The cat sways dramatically beneath the open window, looking like it will fall multiple times before just about managing to grapple into a more secure position.

In total, it spends 36 seconds heaving itself up and, finally, pushes its fluffy body through the window and lands on the living room carpet.

"I don't own a cat," the on-screen caption says bluntly.

The video has gone viral with more than 1 million "likes" since mum @jayee1992 shared it yesterday.

"All that effort and you don’t even live here," she quipped.

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Unsurprisingly, many people were firmly on the side of the furry home invader and said it deserved to stay for good after its stunning display of determination and agility.

One person wrote: "Honestly if a cat put that much effort to enter my home? I’ll up my inhaler intake and suffer with allergies because it deserves to stay."

A second fan commented: "Who else cheered when the cat finally got through?"

"This cat did more pull-ups than I’ve ever done in my life," said a third.

"You don’t own a cat, the cat owns you," commented another person.

This comes after a cat with a secret double life at Toby Carvery was busted when a note was attached to her collar that gave the game away.

"Does this cat have a home? Always at Toby Carvery," it read.

The cheeky moggy had been begging for meat left from roast dinners, despite having plenty of food at home.

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