Rangers-mad model Lana Wolf blushes over Valentines flowers from mystery suitor

OnlyFans star Lana Wolf has gushed over receiving lavish Valentine's Day flowers before offering a "sneak peak" at her new house.

Wolf took to her Instagram Stories to reveal a mystery suitor had sent her a beautiful bouquet, before she and a friend took a tour of her plush new pad that she's just purchased.

The model, 24, revealed that within her unspecified offer on the property were the figures 1872 and 55, the year her beloved Rangers were founded, and the number of Scottish titles they have won, despite the club actually ceasing to exist in June 2012.

Rangers were reborn as a new company soon after, and won their 55th title in 2021.

"The guy that owned the house said 'your offer was really unusual, why did you offer 55 pence?'

"And I went 'it's football,' and he said 'yeah I did think it's probably a Rangers thing.' I'm glad he wasn't a Celtic fan," she laughed on her Instagram story.

Inside the new house, her friend Jen was "looking for furniture" — namely a sexual "sacrifice table" and confession boxes so "you can confess all your dirty little secrets to Minister Wolf" according to Lana.

Recently, despite her love for the Blues, Lana starred in an "absolutely brilliant" comedy sketch involving a relationship clash with a Celtic-supporting boyfriend which sees him storm out of Rangers' Ibrox stadium.

In the hilarious clip Lana appears alongside actor Stuart Hay as they pretend to be on a date at Ibrox in Glasgow for a Harry Styles concert.

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Wearing a pink denim jacket, her character drags in their reluctant boyfriend who defiantly unzips his hoodie to reveal a Celtic football shirt, playing on the extreme rivalry of the club.

Lana's character insists no Gers will be inside the ground to watch the former One Direction singer.

Lana hastily tells him: "It's a bloody Harry Styles concert, there's no Rangers fans here."

"There's always Rangers fans somewhere alright and I'm wearing this to prove a f***ing point," the Hoops fan hits back.

Once settled into the imaginary concert, Lana bellows out sing-along One Direction anthem 'You Don't Know You're Beautiful'.

The punchline comes when Harry Styles can be heard saying his goodbyes to the crowd and Lana leaps to her feet and rips open her jacket to reveal a handwritten message.

"Rangers loves you too Harry! Wooo," she screams to the horror of her boyfriend.

Jumping up and down in a white t-shirt with 'Harry loves the Rangers' scrawled across it in felt tip, it seemed to truly burst the bubble of the Glaswegian couple's relationship.

Horrified, Stuart Hay's character storms off in fury.

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