Rangers-mad OnlyFans star Lana Wolf stuns fans with new sober lifestyle change

Rangers-mad OnlyFans star Lana Wolf has stunned fans with her decision to give up the booze and reign in her topless lifestyle.

The Gers supporter has shared clips this season of her partying the night away following massive Europa League wins at the Ibrox in Glasgow.

On Saturday however she asked her 81,000 Twitter followers how she should celebrate if Rangers are crowned champions of the competition in Seville later this month.

In her quest for suggestions she added that necking a beer would be out of the question as she has embraced a new lifestyle change as "Lana Wolf 2.0."

Reflecting her commitment to cutting alcohol out of her diet, Lana has added crates of non-alcoholic lagers and cocktails to her Amazon wishlist.

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The extensive list of items that she hopes admirers will order them to her door includes a 24-pack of 0% Heineken, an assortment of non-alcoholic craft beers and a 12-pack of mocktails.

Last month she posted a video of unwrapping fan mail which included several packs of Heineken 0.0% beer sending her into hysterics.

Reacting to the free booze, Lana can then be heard saying: "What funny f***'s sent me all of this!"

Lana who also boasts almost 150,000 followers on TikTok, asked fans on Saturday morning: "What should I do if Rangers win the Europa League?"

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Unsurprisingly some of the responses were wild.

One person commented: "Celebrate in public with their kit painted on you."

Lana replied: "I keep getting told off for getting my baps out in public looool I think Lana Wolf 2.0 is steering clear of that."

Another asked for something even more raunchy: "Live session on OF. Invite another Ger for every goal Rangers score. Could see it being a threesome well get at least 2 goals."

"Haha like a live stream watch a long but with c**ks inside me I like it," Lana responded.

A far more tame idea however was less up Lana's street as someone wrote: "Have a beer to celebrate."

She commented: "I don't really drink anymore."

When told to "have a gang bang with the whole squad", Lana hit back "I WISH".

More, as ever, as it develops.

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