“Remarkably open information” Moscow details ‘phase two’ of invasion in Ukraine

Russia: Expert details ‘phase two’ of attack

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Russia has announced “phase two” of the violent invasion of Ukraine in a plan to divide the country and isolate key strategic regions. Moscow has detailed the next moves of the invasion they describe as a “limited military operation”. Foreign correspondent Mark Stone examined how Russian forces plan to establish a “land bridge” to further their attack.

Speaking to Sky News from his position in Ukraine, he explained Putin’s forces will advance towards Moldova once they have achieved their immediate target to “capture the Donbas.”

The reporter confirmed information surrounding Russia’s plan to create “a land bridge to Crimea”.

If the Donbas region falls to Putin’s forces, the Russian military will move on to “push west” across Ukraine.

Mr Stone revealed the next target for invading Russian forces would be Moldovan region of Transnistria.

Putin already has a force of 1,000 Russian soldiers permanently stationed in the Russian-aligned breakaway state.

The foreign correspondent described the military strategy of Russia as “alarming”.

Mr Stone reported his sources in Moldova were “very nervous” about an attack by Putin’s military powers.

He detailed the region of Transnistria to be “very vulnerable” to Russian control as the 1,000 troops already stationed in the area act as a “force for Putin”.

The movement of Russian invading forces to the west hopes to create a “land bridge” of Russian control which would isolate Ukrainian cities from vital defence support.

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Mr Stone explained Moscow’s directive to create a strip of Russian-controlled land along the south to trap the targets of “Odesa and Mariupol”.

While the plans draw clear concern, previous “disastrous efforts” by Russian forces should be noted.

“What Putin intends to do and what he is capable of doing are two very different things,” Stone underlined.

He suggested that Russian military leaders may have the “will” to follow the invasion plan, but not necessarily the “ability” required for success.

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A deadline set by Russia for the surrender of Mariupol recently passed and the invasion pushes on in the port city.

Following a withdrawal of Russian forces from the area of Bucha, a UN investigation has confirmed the “unlawful killing” of at least 50 civilians in the city.

Additionally, the World Bank estimates the cost of physical damage to buildings in Ukraine has already totalled $60 billion. 

Despite hopes for an Easter ceasefire, Russia has refused a break in the invasion and pushes on with the horrifying effort to capture the Donbas region.

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