Rescuers scramble to lift 6-year-old boy out of 13-foot faeces full toilet hole

Rescuers had to get down and dirty during the dramatic lifting a six-year-old boy out of a pit toilet after he fell 13 feet into the faeces-filled hole.

Emergency services received a report of a boy who fell into a four-metre deep pit latrine in the courtyard of a house in Ordabasy located in the Turkistan region of Kazakhstan on 23rd January.

A video, which was shared by the Press Service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, shows several men lifting the youngster out of the pit while a woman tries to calm him down.

As the whimpering lad is lifted through the small hole, rescuers tell him to raise his arms before grabbing hold of him and lifting him out.

After being pulled out of the disgusting pit, the boy starts to cry from fright as the hero rescuers tell him: "Don't be afraid, don't be afraid."

According to a statement, the rescue operation involved five rescuers of the Department of Emergency Situations of Kazakhstan's Turkistan region and three ambulance workers.

The statement said: "After the rescuers pulled the child out with a rescue rope, they handed him over to ambulance staff. After a doctor examined the child, he was sent home. The child's condition is currently stable."

Following the rescue, the Ministry of Emergency Situations urged parents to never leave their children unattended.

A curious toddler in the UK was also rescued by firefighters after he got his head stuck in a toilet seat last week.

Emergency services were called out to the unusual incident in Darlington, Durham, as a boy called Edward needed freeing from the white plastic ring.

Fortunately for the young boy The County Durham and Darlington Fire & Rescue Service managed to help him escape after only a few minutes, and he was said to have taken the incident in his stride.

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