Residents of UK city left physically sick by mysterious disgusting smell

A city in the UK is being plagued by a putrid smell leaving residents feeling "physically sick".

People in Liverpool first reported the odour yesterday evening (July 27), describing it as like "horse or cow poo".

Some said the scent was so vile that they were forced to close their windows and light candles in their homes.

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Dozens took to social media to complain about the stench and ask others where it was coming from.

Some theories behind the smell included manure being spread on farms and it coming from a sewage treatment plant in the city, reports the Liverpool Echo.

People took to Facebook community groups to complain of the "horrid smell".

One man said: "Happens all the time during the warm weather. There's a sewage treatment plant sandwiched between Hawksmoor and the East Lancs. Best to just keep doors and windows closed."

A woman added: "I googled it and apparently it happened in 2018 as well, then it was manure being spread on farms, the wind direction is bringing the smells across Faz [Fazakerly]."

Another person living in Fazakerly said: "It reeks, I blamed my kids at first haha."

A fourth person living in Wavertree said: "I've been going around the house looking for dog poo thinking the puppy has had an accident."

People from Norris Green, Fazakerley, Wavertree, Fairfield, Old Swan and Everton have all reported the smell.

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This comes after a similar incident in Melbourne, Australia, in July when a waste site caused a smell that "Shrek would love".

According to the news channel 9Now, the intense smell, likened to rotten eggs, was the result of hydrogen sulphide created after demolition waste was left uncovered at the SBI Inert Landfill site.

"You can't… leave your doors open. You can't leave the windows open," one local said.

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