Residents steal injured pigs after 20-tonne truck topples at dangerous turn

Shocking footage has emerged of villagers looting pigs from an overturned truck after a traffic accident.

The incident took place in the municipality of Hechelchakan in the south-eastern Mexican state of Campeche when lorry driver Alonso Alvarado Huerta was transporting a 20-tonne cargo of pigs.

He lost control of the vehicle when he drove past the so-called "Devil's Curve", and the truck toppled, allegedly due to the weight of the load, according to newspaper Excelsior.

It is reported that the news of the accident spread around the area and opportunistic locals rushed to the scene with ropes to see what they could plunder.

Video shared on to social media shows the villagers going into the cut-open truck roof and looking for fattened pigs.

One man is seen yanking a squealing pig as he drags it off the road. Another man tries to push a pig to the side of the road.

Some other pigs are left bloodied with cut wounds on their bodies as they scream in pain.

Other residents join forces and tie the pigs up in bids to transfer the heavy animals on to their cars, presumably to sell on or butcher later.

At least one police officer and a team of firefighters apparently look on without intervening.

Driver Alvarado Huerta, who suffered minor injuries in the accident, said that he could do nothing to prevent the looting and that he is still shocked by the incident.

It is unclear if the local authorities are investigating the matter and how many pigs were stolen in the incident.

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