Restaurant who saw couple have oral sex erects wire fence after finding s**t

A US restaurateur has had to erect a wire fence to keep intruders out of her eatery after she claimed her dining shed was used as a sex den and discovered "s**t everywhere".

Silver Apricot owner Emmeline Zhao said she was inundated with sex-crazed break-ins after seeing a woman performing oral sex against the shed plywood.

To counter this, Zhao has had to put up a wire fence, turning the shed into something that looks like a chicken coop after the "lack of guidance" from city officials over the issue was blasted as "frustrating."

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Silver Apricot, in Greenwich Village, New York, has had to deal with a flurry of unexpected, sexually-charged intruders.

The 33-year-old said: "Truly, the lack of guidance from the city is frustrating. The problem is the precinct don't care either."

But the fence, which now covers the once open space of the outdoor dining area, has brought new problems as Zhao faces a lack of help from city officials.

Zhao believes the shed has been a "lifeline" for the business, but said that she had to call police multiple times over people who were "probably high and taking up space, leaving human sh*t everywhere."

Officers are unable to act if they are not currently "a danger" Zhao alleged.

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She added: "Do I need to actively be catching them shooting up for [officers] to do anything about it?"

Zhao also said that outdoor eating has been a lifeline for her business, with the American-Chinese restaurant surviving on the area and needing it to stay afloat.

The restaurant owner added that the issue of homelessness cannot be dealt with and is "not something the restaurants can fix," New York Post reported

Guy Gladstein, a server at Zhao's restaurant, said: "Restaurants aren’t the reason people are sh*tting on the street. They sh*t right there against that house."

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