Rottweiler faces destruction after attack on girl, 7, eating ice cream

The owner of a crazed Rottweiler could see his dog destroyed after it mauled a seven-year-old girl when it tried to steal her ice cream.

A court was told how the owner was holding his pet on a lead and a harness when it savaged the little girl leaving her with horrific facial injuries which required "extensive" surgery after the incident.

James Palmer, 31, of Dent Close, Worcester, admitted being the owner and person in charge of a dangerously out of control dog, which caused injury.

The court heard the terrified youngster was holding an ice cream when the dog leapt up at her on April 11 last year.

Witnesses say the dog bit the girl on the face and head when it attacked her on Dent Close, Worcester.

Police were called and Palmer stayed in his flat and initially refused to hand over the dog but eventually agreed to have it taken away.

Palmer admitted being in charge of a dangerously out of control dog which caused injury when he appeared at Worcester Magistrates’ Court on Thursday (May 19).

Shivali Patel, prosecuting, said the attack happened at 2pm and was witnessed by a woman sitting on her balcony.

She said: “Two girls were outside – one older girl aged between 10 and 12 and the other, the victim, estimated by this witness to be between five and seven.

“The older girl had been holding two ice creams, one presumably for the younger girl.

"The younger girl started to walk towards the dog and she (the witness) saw the dog turn on the small child, biting her head and her face.

“She saw the child grab her face and walk back towards her friend, crying. The defendant asked the girl 'has he bitten you?'

"It took several attempts to get the defendant out of his ground floor flat.

“Eventually, he handed over the Rottweiler. It was seized and brought to the police van.”

Palmer said he had had the dog since he was a puppy and he had been on a leash with a harness at the time of the attack.

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Mrs Patel said Palmer told officers the victim had been stroking the animal when "the dog attempted to take the ice cream from the child, not bite the child".

He said it was an accident and said he "took a long time to come to the door because he feared the dog would be put down".

Photos of the child's injuries, including a bite mark to the child's cheek, were shown to magistrates.

Mrs Patel said: "The victim is seven-years-old and has had to have extensive surgery for this injury.

“It is suspected she may need to have future surgery."

The case has been adjourned until June 24 when they will decide the fate of the dog.

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