Royal biographer says Meghan ‘led a normal life’ as a royal despite Oprah claims

Royal biographer Andrew Morton has claimed Meghan Markle seemed to lead a "normal life" during her time as a royal despite the explosive revelations she made to Oprah Winfrey.

The Duchess of Sussex bravely opened up to the US talkshow host last month about how her mental health deteriorated while living in the Royal Family.

But several claims made in the interview have been questioned, with one being her suggestion that she had to give up her passport as well as other important documents such as her driver's licence.

"You couldn't just go," Meghan explained.

"You couldn't. I mean, you have to understand, as well, when I joined that family, that was the last time, until we came here, that I saw my passport, my driver's licence, my keys."

When Oprah probed and asked if she felt like she was "trapped", the former Suits actress replied: "That's the truth."

Appearing on Royally Obsessed podcast, famed royal writer Andrew was asked if Meghan's situation was a déjà vu of Princess Diana.

Mr Morton, who has written biographies about both the Duchess of Sussex and People's Princess, said: "When I was watching the interview, I was ticking off 'yes, sense of isolation', 'yes, sense of desperation' exactly what Diana was saying to me.

"But then again, well, friends of mine said they've seen Meghan walking from Whole Foods supermarket on Kensington High Street with bags of foods back to Kensington Palace.

"It didn't seem too much like a prison. Other friends have seen her out and about with friends at restaurants, so she seems, to me, to have led a normal life."

He also pointed out how Meghan was able to go to New York on a private jet to celebrate her baby shower and even made several overseas trip "without wearing handcuffs".

"So there's some inconsistency but also there's similarity with Diana as well. It was a complex interview and it has left with lots of questions," Andrew added.

Daily Star has contacted the Sussexes' representative for comment.

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