Royal-mad hoarder forced to close BNB and is unashamed of Prince Andrew merch

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A Royal hoarder who has dedicated her life to collecting monarchy memorabilia has said she's proud of all of her collection – even items relating to shamed Prince Andrew.

Speaking to the Daily Star, ardent royalist Margaret Tyler, 78, said that she's been building her collection for 40 years having been inspired in her devotion for the Queen by her own parents.

A mum-of-four herself, Margaret even used the opportunity of her children moving out to transform her cluttered home into a Bed and Breakfast – however, reviews were less than rosy.

Of the three TripAdvisor reviews Margaret's lodgings procured on the site, two were listed as 'terrible' for the same reasons.

One read: "We looked on the net and found out the owner was a massive royalist and her home and BB full of memorabilia, we knew it would be quirky!

"A lady opened it and we were greeted with a musty smell, as she opened the door up fully to our horror we saw masses of clutter, old papers stacked high, huge cardboard cutouts of the royal family."

Another said: "This place should be on hoarders!

"I cannot believe they can actually charge people to stay here I would not let my dog sleep here! Piles and piles of rubbish in every room. Magazines and papers dating back to 1989!"

However, Margaret confirmed to the Daily Star that she was no longer operating as a bed and breakfast – and not for the reasons you might expect.

She explained: "I don’t actually do that anymore. To be truthful the house has got too full. There’s no room for anyone else.

"I like keeping the collection clean and dusting and tidying it, as well as buying more things."

Margaret has now dedicated five rooms in her house to her favourite royals and has even found some space for the exiled trio of Prince Andrew, Prince Harry and Meghan.

She continued: "I have some good stuff on Harry and Meghan, I’ve met them once after they were married.

"Harry said he liked my jacket. They’re fantastic and everyone loved them. We don’t know the whole story of why it deteriorated."

And what of disgraced Prince Andrew, who has rocked the Royal family recently with his sex scandal?

Despite protesting his innocence throughout, Andrew is reported to have paid £12million to settle the civil lawsuit in New York to his accuser Virginia Giuffre before it reached a jury.

But despite his soiled reputation, it appears there's one house he's still more than welcome in.

Margaret continued: "I have stuff on Prince Andrew too, I haven’t taken any of it down. I’m not ashamed of it, I have china plates of him on display."

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