Rude ‘f***ing b******’ note left on car for dodgy parking sparks heated debate

A note left on someone's car by a resident who was left blocked in their own garage has sparked heated debate on Reddit.

The note, which the garage owner glued to the car, read: "You are f****** b***** and an idiot you will not find peace as long as you park here I have warned you."

The expletive ridden note was posted on popular sub-Reddit Casual UK with the person who snapped it asking if the note was justified.

Most users were supportive of the action.

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One user wrote: "Justified. If you willfully and without a valid reason park in front of someone's garage for longer period of time you are a certified b*****" while another wrote "Definitely justified. Person was lucky it was just a note."

The novel use of swearing was also doing the rounds.

"Calling somebody a f****** b***** without the “a” just hits harder for some reason," one person commented.

Eagle eyed Redditors also noted the picture showed a parking ticket below the note, so it appears the driver drew the ire of a traffic warden as well.

One user offered a more diplomatic suggestion in future: "So an alternative to this is not to call the police but check whether your council has parking enforcement. I called my local one recently for a car blocking drive.

"They arrived in about 40mins and gave the car a ticket.

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"And I know who they are because i watched them discover it – ha ha ha, take that Laura from the Dentist opposite!"

While the highway code says drivers should not stop 'in front of an entrance to a property, a legal loophole means that any car can technically park on your driveway if it is private property – leaving local authorities with little power if the vehicle is fully MOT'd and insured.

Charlotte Dixon, a solicitor at DAS Law, told The Mirror in 2016: "The Highway Code can only help if the parked car is causing an obstruction to the road but not in relation to private land."

The best case of action in incidents like these therefore is usually a polite word.


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