Russia is burning its own soldiers as locals complain of corpse odour

Ukrainian forces reach Russian defensive lines near Robotyne

Russian troops are burning their own fallen soldiers in a crematorium to cover up the staggering scale losses on the battlefield, according to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The General Staff of the Armed Forces claimed Russia has set up a crematorium in occupied Melitopol in Zaporizhzhia Oblast that allegedly gives off a disturbing stench in the city’s northeast as corpses burn “24/7”.

An update read: “The enemy continues to hide his losses. He actively uses mobile crematoriums for this. In particular, it has been established that one of such crematoriums in 24/7 mode is currently operating in the northeastern part of the occupied city of Melitopol Zaporizhzhia region.

“At the same time, the transport of the bodies of the dead occupants is carried out by board trucks. In addition, locals complain about the constant corpse odor in the city, especially at night.”

In a rare admission, a Russian general said on Wednesday that over 8,500 Russian paratroopers have been wounded while fighting in Ukraine.

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Mikhail Teplinsky, commander of Russia’s Airborne Forces, said in a video message: “More than 5,000 wounded paratroopers returned to the front after treatment, and over three and a half thousand of our wounded refused to leave the front line at all.”

But according to Western intelligence estimates, Russia has lost between 40,000 and 60,000 troops, with up to 200,000 casualties in total.

However, Ukraine and Russia typically refuse to provide up-to-date or official counts of their own losses amid the bloody conflict.

The Ukrainian Armed Forces has set its sights on recapturing Russian-occupied land as it aims to push back the Russians in a mounting counter-offensive that has dragged on for two months.

It has made small gains in the Zaporizhzhia region, an area of high strategic importance.

Troops have managed to retake the southern city of Kherson and large parts of the north-east.

Ukraine has also managed to recapture the village of Staromaiorske in the Donetsk region.

The General Staff of the Armed Forces said in an update on Friday that Ukrainian troops “delivered seven strikes in the areas of focus of personnel, weapons and military equipment of the enemy”.

It added: “Troop missile and artillery units hit nine artillery shells at firing positions and two concentration areas of enemy personnel, weapons and military equipment during the day.”

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Ukrainian forces have primarily been attacking Russian troops on three fronts with the help of Western weapons.

But they have yet to make a decisive breakthrough despite committing 150,000 soldiers, U.S. Defense Department officials say.

Meanwhile, Russia is also launching devastating strikes of its own as it persists with its unprovoked invasion.

The General Staff of the Armed Forces continued: “The enemy launched 39 aviation strikes (using 2 Shahed-136/131 strike drones, all were destroyed) and fired 43 shelling from seismic fire jet systems on the positions of our troops and populated areas.

“As a result of Russian terrorist attacks, unfortunately, there are casualties and wounded among the civilian population, residential buildings and other civilian infrastructure suffered destruction.”

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