Russia-Ukraine war: Moscow considering nine routes to overtake Kiev within 48 hours

Liz Truss slammed by Russian media after Moscow visit

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Russia is eyeing up an invasion of Ukraine along multiply fronts according to US intelligence reports seen by NBC. It is thought that Moscow will look to cross into Ukrainian territory with nine separate strikes involving land, sea, and air forces. 

NBC presenter Lester Holt revealed: “NBC News has learned a US military assessment shows Russian troops could take nine different routes into Ukraine.”

He added that reports suggest the Kremlin can have tanks in the Ukrainian capital within 48 hours.

“The intelligence shows it could be an attack by air, land, and sea,” Mr Holt added.

“With Russian warships arriving in the Black Sea for naval drills off Ukraine’s southern coast.”

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The NBC presenter also addressed UK Foreign Secretary Liz Truss’ recent diplomatic spat with her Russian opposite number Sergei Lavrov in Moscow.

Mr Holt told NBC: “Diplomatic talks took a drastic turn in the wrong direction.

“Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov having a tense exchange with his British counterpart Liz Truss, accusing her of refusing to listen to his argument saying it was like a blind person talking to a deaf person.

“At a press conference Lavrov walking away briskly, leaving trusts alone at the podium.”


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Mr Lavrov told an awkward joint news conference with Ms Truss that faces seems to “bounce off” his British opposite number.

He said: “They say Russia is waiting until the ground freezes like a stone so its tanks can easily cross into Ukrainian territory.

“I think the ground was like that today with our British colleagues, from which numerous facts that we produced bounced off.”

In return, Ms Truss challenged the Kremlin to remove its troops from Russia’s frontier with Ukraine.

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Ms Truss said: “I can’t see any other reason for having 100,000 troops stationed on the border, apart from to threaten Ukraine.

“And if Russia is serious about diplomacy, they need to remove those troops and desist from the threats,” she added.

Russia’s Kommersant newspaper later quoted two diplomatic sources as saying that during their earlier closed-door meeting Mr Lavrov had asked Ms Truss if she recognised Russian sovereignty over Rostov and Voronezh – two regions in the south of the country where Russia has been building up its forces.

Kommersant said Truss replied that Britain would never recognise them as Russian, and had to be corrected by the British ambassador.

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