Russian broadcaster boasts Putins new missile can obliterate boorish Britain

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As tensions between the UK and Russia over the invasion of Ukraine continue to escalate, Russian state TV has broadcast a chilling threat to "boorish" Britain.

Vladimir Solovyov, a Russian broadcaster known as “Putin’s voice”, warned that Britain could be wiped off the map by Russia’s new 'big beast' 208-ton 15,880mph 'Satan-2' Sarmat hypersonic intercontinental ballistic missile.

“As it turned out, one Sarmat means minus one Great Britain,” said pro-Putin TV anchor Vladimir Solovyov in a crude hint to the Russian public that the UK could be wiped out by just one of Russia's new super-weapons.

This was because the British were being “totally boorish” according to the Russian propaganda mouthpiece, in a not-so-subtle reference to UK support for Ukraine.

The warning, designed to weaken support for arming Ukraine among the British public, came as Russia announced it is to build 46 of the ultra-powerful Sarmat intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) systems .

The first regiment to deploy the new ‘unstoppable’ missile, which can carry 10 nuclear warheads, will be in Krasnoyarsk, Siberia.

Missiles sited there would take roughly 16 minutes from launch to hit London.

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Head of the Russian space agency Dmitry Rogozin, a close Putin ally, told Solovyov that “we will have 46 combat complexes of strategic weapon Sarmat [Satan-2]”.

“Everything is according to plan with us,” he said. "They will go into the same silos where Voevoda [missiles are now deployed].

"It is all according to plan."

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Russian foreign secretary spokeswoman Maria Zakharova suggested that strikes could be authorised against NATO states who provide arms to Ukraine, delivering a stern warning after the UK-backed Ukrainian strikes on Russia.

Zakharova released a statement naming Britain as one of the countries enabling the Ukrainian military after Britain's Armed Forces minister James Heappey said the UK backed Ukraine's air strikes on Russian infrastructure.

A new test date for the Sarmat is due to be decided this week.

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After a test last week, Putin said: This is a big, significant event in the development of advanced weapons systems of the Russian army.

“The new complex has the highest performance characteristics, and can break through all modern anti-missile defences.

“There is nothing like this in the world, and won’t be for a long while.

“This truly unique weapon will be strengthening the combat potential of our armed forces

“It will reliably secure Russia from external threats, and will force those trying to threaten our country in the heat of frenzied aggressive rhetoric.”

Putin claimed this week that it had uncovered a plot by “neo-Nazis” backed by the West to murder Russia's arch-propagandist Solovyov.

"They have moved to terrorism preparing the murder of our journalists,” he said.

However there have been counter-claims that an FSB secret service operation to investigate the alleged assassination plot was a fake.

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