Russian tank sent into orbit in terrifying footage of warzone bomb blast

Terrifying footage shows the moment a Russian tank is obliterated with the turret being propelled "into orbit."

It is not currently known where exactly the footage is shot in Ukraine, but it was shared to Twitter by several sources, including @JimmySecUK, who said it was an anti-tank guided missile that wiped out the machine.

"Russian tanks store their ammunition in a way that makes them susceptible to catastrophic detonation when their armour is penetrated," he wrote.

"And yes, that is the tank's turret nearly obtaining escape velocity and entering orbit."

The way that most Russian tanks store their ammo in a carousel around the turret to feed the autoloader is intended keep the loader going, but if the hull is penetrated then it can cause the sort of dramatic explosion seen in the video.

Retired US soldier Mark Hertling said as a Squadron Commander in 1994 he was part of a "Partnership for Peace" delegation to Moscow.

Writing on Twitter on the downfall of Russian tanks, he said: "The RU's knew I was a tanker, and allowed me to see their newest tank, the T80.

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"I climbed inside…& quickly understood why they recruited only 'short' tankers.

"It was cramped, tank rounds were visible (ours are behind ballistic doors to protect the crew if the tank is hit), armor on the top & rear was light, and there were blind spots preventing the crew from seeing outside.

"They thought it was a great tank. Me…not so much."

In another terrifying clip posted on Twitter on Tuesday, March 15, a tank is driving through the snow-covered rural landscape before it is blown to bits.

There is suddenly a burst of fire and the tank disappears into a black cloud of smoke and red flames.

When the footage cuts forward in time, the blast zone is just a smoldering black mark on the ground and the tank is charred to a crisp.

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