Sacked policeman who gave homeless man a poo sandwich has been fired again

A police officer who was fired for giving a homeless man a sandwich of poo has been sacked again.

Matthew Luckhurst was terminated from the San Antonio Police Department in 2016 after placing faeces between two slices of bread and giving it to a homeless man.

San Antonio Police Chief William McManus said at the time that incident was not only "a disgrace to the department", but "a disgrace to the badge,".

The Chief added: "It's embarrassing that someone would do something like that, ever do something like that."

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Matthew Luckhurst was then hired by the Floresville Police Department as a reserve officer just five months after his firing process in San Antonio had ended.

The position of reserve cop in Floresville had allowed Luckhurst the "same legal authority," according to the Express-News .

In the 2016 incident, Luckhurst had boasted to a colleague that “he had picked up some faeces, placed it in a slice of bread, and put it in a Styrofoam container next to the unknown homeless male.”

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Luckhurst was reported to Internal Affairs and suspended although it wasn't 2020 that he was finally fired following years of arbitration over multiple incidents.

The arbitrator ruled the department had missed a 180-day legal window to discipline him over the 'poo-sandwich' incident so he was reinstated.

However, he was fired for a second poo incident after pooping in a woman's restroom stall at the department's Bike Patrol Office and spreading a brown pudding-like substance on the seat.

Luckhurst accepted responsibility for the toilet incident but claimed it was a prank and apologised.

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His most recent firing came after a wave of public fury over how the officer could be rehired by a police force after being fired for poor conduct.

The city's mayor said there had been an outpouring of emails from locals who were unhappy Luckhurst had been re-employed as a police officer.

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